Business contents

O-TEC delivers high quality remanufactured systems and chambers, innovative upgrades, high value repairs and support services. We are working with pipe producers into highly efficient any manufacturing plants. Also we provide including planning and engineering services, all plant equipment, staff selection assistance,training, and initial production oversight.

Equipment design and production

Configured to meet customer specifications and safety-standards.

Buying or Selling used industrial equipment

We buy and sell various secondary equipment in Semiconductor Front-end, Back-end, Display, LED, Solar.

Remanufactured systems and field services

We provide ;
*Remanufactured system
*Facility preparation
*System installation
*Customer Training
*Labor Service

Wafer Test business

We provide a variety of test wafer of research and development applications related to semiconductor state-of-the-art process.

Internally-produced piping production

We produce at our company (internal production) piping and intra-device connections and deliver them to the customer.

Instrumentation and ancillary works

We perform ancillary works for connecting devices.

Mechanical cutting work

We handle the creation of customized joints and all types of combustion devices.

Gas piping construction

We handle all aspects, from building construction through device connections.

Dispatching of technicians

Our company’s skillful and experienced technicians conduct operations within customer facilities.

Product sales

Our company’s gas-related products such as valves and burners can be purchased from the Web (we can only ship to locations within Japan).