Company philosophy

This is how I feel.

  1. The customer must of course be satisfied.
  2. One must of course fully enjoy and apply oneself to one’s work.
  3. And one must of course fully enjoy and apply oneself to one’s private life.

I do not at all think about such things as achieving a sales goal of 10 billion yen, increasing my firm’s number of employees to 1,000 in 5 years, or being listed on a stock exchange. I do not run my business with those sorts of goals in mind.

As a manager, I think that the most important thing necessary to satisfy the three conditions above is a well-balanced perception of my business as a whole. To stay without progressing is not valued in current economic condition. Even in the manufacturing industry, what really matters is information and networking between individuals.

The reason our company’s operations have now become so diversified is that networking between individuals has caused talent to gather at our firm. I would like for individuals with a variety of abilities to gather together, cooperate, and become able to conduct work with a higher degree of perfection.

I believe that as long as individual employees always look forward as they do their work, a company will continue to develop and thus contribute to society. It is not at all excessive to say that the future of the company is dependent upon the consciousness of individual employees. I would now like to say to each and all employees:

Be more flexible!Be swifter!Be more excellent!

President Kazuhiko Ohmura

Quality policy

We achieve customer satisfaction by improving our technical ability, and then doing our jobs reliably and soundly.
Also, we continuously improve our processes and products.

Thus we reliably conduct the following:

  1. We continuously improve our conformity to customer, legal, regulatory, and ISO9001 demands as well as our quality management system.
  2. We establish quality goals and review them.
  3. We then exhaustively notify all our employees.
  4. In order to maintain its suitability, we review our quality policy once every year.

Environmental policy

At O-TEC Ltd. we recognize that protecting the Earth’s environment is the most important issue shared by all mankind, and our firm aims to contribute to society by reducing environmental burden of our products and services and having all our employees strive to protect the environment. To this end, we are also promoting the items below in order to steadily utilize and continuously improve our environmental management system.

  1. Promoting resource and energy conservation activities
    In addition to cutting the amount of resources like paper, electricity, and water as well as fossil fuels such as petroleum used, we are promoting waste reduction and recycling, and striving to reduce the burden on the environment as well as preventing environmental pollution.
  2. Compliance with environmental regulations and other requirements
    We comply with national as well as Tokyo environmental laws, regulations, and other such requirements.
  3. Continuous promotion of environmental protection activities
    In addition to establishing environmental goals and objectives and regularly reevaluating them, we strive to continuously improve our environmental management system through the realization of the aforementioned goals, internal environmental auditing, and the like.
  4. Promoting educational activities
    Through education and training of our employees and of course our in-company environmental activities system, regulations, and guidelines, we heighten the environmental problem awareness of our individual employees and promote educational activities in order to take tangible action.

In addition to informing all our employees of this environmental policy, we publicly announce it outside the company, and strive to put it into action.